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Award Winning Eyewear

Good Design Award USA - 2020 Winner for their Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) collection

Good Design Award Australia - 2020 Winner for their Junior collection

Red Dot Award - 2019 Winner for their Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) collection

International Design Award - 2019 Silver Medeal for their Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) collection

Internation Design Award - 2018 Gold Medal winner for their Exotic Wood & Carbon Fibre collection  



The OVVO Surgical Steel & Titanium Collection implements patented technology that defies the limits of design and performance. Each frame is constructed from military grade surgical steel and titanium composite consisting of 70% steel and 30% titanium.

This hypoallergenic metal first discovered in spacecraft development offers remarkable durability, lightness, flex memory, and heat resistance


Our patented screwless hinges are simple by design, reliable and durable. These hinges can withstand 90 pounds of pulling force and are lab tested to withstand 300,000 rotations – comparable to 205 years of usage. All in a frame weighing 0.6 of an ounce.

Functional Design

3-D adjustable nosepads feature replaceable silicon pads and adjustable temple tips with regulated tension adjustment for customizable comfort. Simply put, we were obsessed over every potential weakness until there were none…